Construction payroll

A proven expertise in offering payroll outsourcing services.


Data transmission

Send the data required to process your payroll by email, phone or fax. Our payroll experts will take care of the rest.

Direct deposits and cheques

We deposit your employees’ wages in the bank of their choice. We also emit cheques and print out pay stubs if it suits your employees’ needs.

Calculations and remittances

Avoid paying costly penalties by entrusting us to calculate, pay out remittances and pay out your various deductions: CCQ, pension funds, alimony, salary seizure, CSB, etc.

Payroll reports

Receive all of your reports free of charge, including the payroll posting report for each payroll period.

Sector reports

We prepare various specialized reports, such as CCQ, CNESST and joint committee reports.

Automatic salary rate

Don’t worry about changing salary rates since we do it for you.

End-of-year documents

We prepare and send your end-of-year reports to the federal and provincial governments for you: Summary of the deductions and of the employer’s contributions including the CNESST report (Relevé 1), Information for employers (T4 summary) and Tax slips (Relevé 1 and T4).

Records of employment

We prepare records of employment and send them to Service Canada for you.

Bank management

We help you manage your employees’ various time banks (vacation, sick leave, legal holidays, etc.)

Calculating legal holidays

Entrust us with calculating your legal holidays to avoid costly mistakes.

Flexible processing fees

Don’t pay any processing fees for employees who have no recorded hours for a specific payroll period. Pay no unnecessary processing fees if there is no payroll to process.

Data history

Includes its own financial statement creator, as well as a definition of performance indicators which, in conjunction with the Manager Portal, offers you the perfect combination for your financial dashboards.

More than a simple software

Work with a team of experts that enters and validates your data before processing payrolls.

Respect for the environment

Get rid of delivery fees by subscribing to an email distribution service. It’s simple and allows you to save money!