Focus on your company’s main activities
and benefit from the perks provided by our payroll service.

Save time

By entrusting us to manage your payroll, you’ll have more time and resources to focus on your company’s main activities. As payroll professionals, we will decrease the processing delay for your payroll and ensure the quality of our work.

Benefit from experts’ support

Algo works with over 800 companies throughout Canada, handling their payroll management. Our seasoned team of professionals is attuned to your needs and will help you with these critical functions.

Flexible data transmission, adapted to your needs

Send the data required to process your payroll by email, phone or fax. Our payroll experts will take care of the rest.

Control and reduce your operating costs

Our expertise allows you to improve your financial ratios by significantly reducing payroll processing costs. And since your costs will be stable from now on, you’ll have a long-term vision of what your future costs will be.

No need to learn a new software

Full payroll processing of all members of your company will be done by Algo. This way, you have no software to install, to learn or to upkeep.

Avoid costly penalties

Consolidating accounting transactions associated with the company’s bank accounts in one unique place allows you to proceed to bank reconciliation.